About the work

Karel Buskes has been painting cows for years. He paints the cows large and canvas-filling, with careful attention to the richness of form of these animals. The use of open composition strengthens the feeling of space outside the field of vision. His paintings allow us to see the emotion that these cows, in their cumbersome awkwardness, can awaken in us. Buskes makes the moist noses and colourful black and white shine with a uniquely soft light. Buskes' cows are touching without being sentimental. He comes very close to the animals and makes them almost tangible: in many ways, touchable. In this way, the cows have an identity that goes further than the cows themselves. 


Although Buskes is specially known for his cows, he also paints portraits regularly, mainly on commission. He makes his portraits with the same touchable intensity as is to be seen in his cows.